LingVR Unity3D SDK Release Note


  • 01.312016

    v0.4.2 beta

    Improvement 1. Improve gyroscope stablity
    Upgrade from v0.4.1 to v0.4.2 1. Import and overwrite
    Known issures 1. Resume from background on Xiaomi MIUI will get a black-screen
  • 01.152016

    v0.4.1 beta

    Fix 1. Gyroscope does not work on Galaxy S6 2. Crash on Xiaomi 3w when go into backgroud 3. Only left eye is rendered on Meizu m1/m2 note
    Upgrade from v0.4.0 to v0.4.1 1. Import and overwrite
  • 01.082016

    v0.4.0 beta

    Rendering 1. Now it is rendered with native code, and optimized with Adreno and Mali GPU.
    Gyroscope 1. The accuracy of prediction values have been improved.
    Upgrade from 0.3 to 0.4 1. Remove folders and files:
    LingVR\ Plugins\x86\ Plugins\x86_64\ Plugins\Android\
    2. Import and overwrite


  • 12.112015

    v0.3.1 beta

    1. BAI controller support appended.
  • 12.082015

    v0.3.0 beta

    1. Gyroscope Algorithm is optimized. It is now become more steady and smooth. 2. Headset options are added. It is now support multiple choice of headset. 3. BAI 1s external gyroscope is now backed up.
  • 11.242015

    v0.2.0 beta

    1. Anti-distortion image and gyroscope algorithm is updated. 2. 3D mouse function is added. 3. Editor debug function is added.