Never stop changing. The dream starts from here.It's a better VR headset: BAI 1S

In the updated generation of BAI, we kept original concept of design and made
essential upgrade on core components.

Three-Way Interpupillary Distance Adjust

After analyzing massive data, we conclude some average distance of human eyes. Fastened interpupillary distance by headset structure makes easier to adjust.

Improved pulley damping

Side pulley controls object distance. The new pulley damping would enhance the hand touch and reduce the probability of misoperation.

Enhanced headband buckle

The headband buckle is the pressure point of whole equipment. The fastened buckle will make headband more robust and comfortable.

FOV 90° The just right design of visual field

Best screen size:

5.0-5.7 inch

Best screen resolution:

1920*1080 plus

Recommend OS:

Android 4.3 above

Myopia adaption:

0-700 degree