360°private IMAX screen, the exclusive wonderland.

The composition with mobile phone create cinema experience, making the world in front of you do not limit to the screen size of phone. Enjoy the feast of private cinema without go outside.

Become the real character inside the game
with astonishing 3D experience.

BAI brings you into the game world, to feel the moment of life and death with real vision.

Ultimate graphic experience brings you a brand new world.

Diving, skiing, flying, bungee jumping and even free falling, you can experience
everything that you want but not dare to do at here.

Intimate design ignite infinite splendor.

Best with 4.7-5.7 inch screen
Interpupillary distance adaption
Myopia adaption

Aspheric surface for wider view angle.

Ten times of scheme change and countless optical experiments. 90 degrees FOV creates wider vision and real feeling.

Selected material only for the best quality.

Bluetooth controller:
convenience beyond your imagination.

LING World

Latest VR games build up a portal
to virtual world.


LING Cinema

Multiple watching mode for local
and online video resource.